was founded in 2007 to provide a missing link between gymnastic meets and those who participate in them. Before everyone used pencil and paper to process gymnastic meet registrations. Registrations would get lost, the handwriting was often illegible, many trips had to be made to the bank, and endless hours of time had to be spent setting up the scoring system, entering all the participants by hand. There had to be a better way.

The idea for was born when co-founder Jason Braun thought "Why not let the participants provide all the registration information via the Internet, download the data directly into the scoring system, and eliminate all the hours, headaches and hassles that come with the current status quo of paper registration forms." Although Jason has years of gymnastics experience, and a good technical background, he was unsure how to create a web site that could do this. So Jason called on a friend, co-founder and webmaster Tracy Gough, to discuss the idea.

After some research Jason and Tracy discovered they had a unique idea and started working on a beta version of the web site. Registrations for three gymnastics meets were used in the beta test that went smoothly and everyone that used the system liked the process and the idea. It was then decided to move forward with a full featured web site. The first meet opened for online registration on July 17, 2007.

Since 2007 has helped dozens of Meet Directors simplify their registration process and make registrations easier for the participants. prides itself on listening to its users and is constantly updating and improving the system based on user feedback. The more people that use the easier it gets for everyone, so tell your Meet Director to use next year. Eliminate the paper. Use MeetMaker.

Jason Braun co-founder co-founder Jason Braun started gymnastics at age 10 and continued for 8 years reaching the Class 2 level. Competing in Trampoline and Power Tumbling, Jason placed 3rd in the 18 and over age group in World Age Group Games in Lubbock, TX. In 1986 (after his competitive years) Jason started his gymnastics coaching career and is still coaching today. Jason has coached champion gymnasts in Florida, South Carolina, and today in North Carolina. He has been a Clinician at State and Regional Clinics, coached many State and Regional champions, including Level 10 National and Level 9 East National gymnasts, and has guided many athletes to college scholarships. In 1986 Jason began working as a Meet Director. He has acted as a Meet Director for multiple State, Regional, and Invitational meets and continues to run several meets a year. Since 1999 Jason has operated scoring systems for multiple meets annually. Jason is an active consultant on many State and invitational meets throughout the country.

Tracy Gough co-founder co-founder Tracy Gough started working with computers at age 12. Tracy found working with computers challenging and fun and what started as a hobby grew into more. Through high school and college Tracy continued to grow his technical knowledge that ultimately opened doors for him once he entered the professional world. Since Tracy’s first IT job in 1993 he has gone on to gain experience in many industries and areas of IT. Tracy started web site development in 1996 and in 1997 built his first custom, full feature E-commerce web site for his Mother’s flower shop. Since 2000 Tracy has operated a full service web hosting and design business and has created many web sites for various types of businesses and uses.